Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gifts Incoming and Outgoing

I was asked to smock a dress for a very special young
lady.  The dress fabric was purchased at a quilt shop it has
a linen like look and is 100% cotton.  The smocking
design I worked out on smocking graph paper.  I know
the design looks simple but it took me days of drawing and
erasing to figure it out.  I have new found appreciation
for smocking plate designers.
The center section is back smocked and the 
University of Kentucky logo is picture smocked
on top.  The hearts are geometric smocking, I designed
that area as well.
A one of a kind dress, stitched with love.

Sweet Marie recently had a month long
celebration of her blogging for 5 years!  5 years
of blogging and 5 giveaways!  I was the lucky 
winner of this beautiful necklace!
Have faith in you...that is something
we all need to remember.

The necklace is long and so
much fun to wear as everyone
seems to notice it!
A sweet tag, 
 book pages, and LACE!
Thank you Marie!

Love to all,

ps  I also completed the Beginning
Crazy Quilt Class Kathy Shaw
taught here is my completed


Theresa said...

Oh that dress is gorgeous! Such beautiful work! Congrats on the win, LOVE that necklace! Enjoy your evening dear friend, HUGS!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Sweet and special dress Deb. You really have a knack for smocking. I'm certain she will treasure it. Have faith in you is something to believe in.

Vicki Boster said...

OMG-- that little smocked dress is a masterpiece!!! It's truly incredible-- what a gorgeous little dress.

Congrats on your win-- the necklace is a vintage beauty...

And the quilt block-- it's beyond beautiful--- I knew it would be. You are a master stitcher!!

Getting closer to our day together:)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are an amazing smocker - such a pretty pattern (definitely worth all the design work involved). Congrats on the win AND your block is beautiful!

Laurie M said...

such beautiful smocking! Such beautiul gifts, a feast for the eyes!

Createology said...

How very beautiful and precious this little smocked dress is. Your design is amazing and executed to perfection. Congratulations on your win from Marie. I love your CQ block and especially the beads trailing off the center focal piece. Your hands truly create magic. Merry Christmas and Blessings for all of 2015...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That dress does not look easy to me! I never thought much about smocking until I bought a purse pattern that uses large smocking on the front. I haven't made it yet, but it seems very well explained and illustrated.

You won a lovely give a way too.

Your piece from the class is wonderful. I love the bright colors you chose.
xx, Carol

Lorraine said...

What a beautiful dress Deb! The smocking is fabulous. AND your CQ block is beautiful - have a feeling we just may be seeing more CQ now :)

deanna7trees said...

you did a beautiful job on that dress. hope you put a label with your name on the inside. having to make your own pattern gives an appreciation of what is involved.

Cathy Kizerian said...

What a lovely smocked dress! I totally get it about designing. Whether sewing patterns, a CQ or sane quilt, or any type of needle art, designers put in a lot of work.

ShirleyC said...

Look at you going to town with that smocking! Great job!
Congrats on the win! I love the quilt block.

margaret said...

such a very pretty smocked dress you have done a wonderful stitching/design on it.
Lovely necklace you have won there and your crazy block looks great

Suztats said...

Your smocked dress is gorgeous! It will no doubt be a treasured gift.
Love your CQ block---so pretty and delicate, like a wander through a country garden. Nice win, too!

desertskyquilts said...

What a gorgeous smocked dress! A precious heirloom for generations. Your CQ block is absolutely beautiful!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

You are working magic with your hands, dear Deb:) The quilt block is
so pretty. So glad you like your necklace - thanks for posting.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Hugs and love,

Dorthe said...

Such a beautiful, and adorable little dress, Deb.
And congratulations with the most beautiful gifts from dear Marie, I know you love that amazing necklace .
Deb I wish you a merry christmas, and a happy new year dear friend.

Gigi Harlan said...

The dress and the pendants are lovely! you have so many wonderful talents and I always look forward to your posts, Merry Christmas!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Deb
Oh that little smocked dress is simply amazing - you have the patience of a saint! I can appreciate the time setting it ready too.
Congratulations on your gorgeous wins from Marie. So beautiful is the Madonna necklace!
You must be so proud of your crazy quilted embroidered square. It is so beautiful! I love that all the embroidery is on a white toned fabric to show up every stitch and color used.

Christmas blessings to you and your family from hot Australia.

Wendy Green said...

Oh wow, your quilted block is gorgeous!! And the dress is so beautiful too. Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas time and sending you hugs xxx

JennyPennyPoppy said...

A beautifully designed and smocked dress Deb and your crazy quilt block looks wonderful too. Congratulations on the necklace. Looks really neat.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh gosh, how beautiful is that little smocked dress!!! Your smocking is so lovely...it's absolutely precious!!! ...and your crazy quilting is gorgeous as well. Everything you do always turns out so, sooo pretty! What treasures you received in the mail, you lucky girl! Hope you had a great Christmas! xo

Jillayne said...

Wow! I don't even know which to "wow" first - the smocking design you created is marvellous! And such a lot of work. I do love your crazy-quilted block though. You have done an amazing piece of work there Deb, just amazing.
I want to wish you a very happy New Year, and that all good things will come to you and your family.
Warm wishes, and big hugs,


Anita said...

Wow ! You've done an amazing job on the smocked dress Deb ! Lovely CQ block

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