Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doll Making Online Follow-Along

Maria and Naturkinder are offering
an online doll making follow along.  
You choose the doll and
post your progress.
Here is a bit of an email
from Maria on the subject:
Hi Debbie,

good know that you want to join our initiative. Actually it is not a doll making class in the sense that I instruct you how to make a doll. It is more that every participant is making her own doll and reports about it on her blog. You can decide on your own what kind of doll you want to make. Of course you can purchase a Mariengold e-book and material kit if you want so. Please see my shop
I was recently asked to restore this doll
to her former beauty.

                   She had lived in the home of a smoker
and really needed a good bath.

Luckily the doll was signed on the
back and the doll maker 
still makes dolls.
I contacted the maker, I
was told the doll really
only had sentimental value
and would best be left as is.

The problem was her facial features
were drawn with colored pencils

 a bath was out of the question.

The clothing was fragile, I 
carefully replaced the elastic 
in the waistband of her knickers.
The shoes had been created with
wool felt.  Making them a nice 
snack for some hungry moths.
I carefully removed the sole
and stitching to create a pattern.
New shoes were made and the
socks carefully washed.

The doll was returned home not looking
much different than she did when she left.  
For me it was a great learning experience
 and so surprising that through
 the internet I was able to contact
 the original maker!

Love to all,


Createology said...

Deb Dear you have done all you could do to save this precious and lovely handmade doll. I am wondering if the old fashioned soft brush with cornmeal or cornstarch would help to clean her. I shall look forward to your doll making blog posts. June JOY Dear...

laurie said...

such a tender loving redo job you did, its a lovely doll,

laurie said...

I was going to add,,,
when I read the topic of your post it was quite serendipity because I found a doll I had made for my grandson 15 years ago, it was in bad shape but I have brought her home and I'm fixing her up,, so this post really hit home to me.Mine was a knitted doll with knit clothing, a pattern from the British magazine Woman's Weekly, I will post about it soon on my blog,

Mary Ann said...

Kathryn Walmsley is a well known dollmaker. That must be one of her early dolls as her style has changed quite a bit. You did a great job restoring her:)

Jillayne said...

What a neat idea Deb - how good of you to attempt this. there is something so special about a doll, it would be a shame to have her just fall further and further into disrepair... you have such a kind heart!

margaret said...

good to have been able to restore parts of her, she will at least now not lose her underwear with her new elastic

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think it's remarkable that you were able to contact the dollmaker. There is something regenerating about bringing vintage back to life, isn't there. Very cool.
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How I wish I had the time available to make a doll, but I don't dare take on anything more right now. It's a lovely idea though for a stitch along. You did a wonderful job with restoration - now she will enjoy many more years.

Dorthe said...

Hello Deb, yes that was fantastic, you could just reach out, and fine the dollmaker. I agree that it would have been almost vandalism, to wash and give her new clothes, so you did what you could, and with respect for the doll. I hope they can keep her for many years to come.

desertskyquilts said...

Too bad the doll couldn't be washed without washing away her face. Interesting project.

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Deb-- so amazing!! You are the bravest doll maker ever!! I would have been so afraid to touch her!!! You made some wonderful improvements with tender loving care-- that doll is an absolute treasure. You have the gift of great patience...

gracie said...

A lovely doll...

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Deb, it's always so much fun seeing what you are up to. You never cease to amaze me. Very nice doll modifications to help extend the life of such a keepsake. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment. I am glad the Holly hocks are doing well. Some Asian beetle keeps stripping the leaves on mine so they haven't done much the last few years sadly. Thanks for thinking of me.

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